Re-optimize - Key to Success

A business's lifeline is traffic! Without traffic, your product visibility and searchability will be impacted and sales will not increase. Re-optimization becomes the key to success and your best strategy to improve ranking and drive more traffic.

When you are selling too many products on Walmart, re-optimizing manually is not cost effective and prone to errors. Ezoptimizer with its data-driven automation capabilities guides sellers at every step of the way and makes this process extremely simple, cost effective and robust.

Our sample data shows that sellers have saved over 35-40% cost on optimization when using eZoptimizer versus manually.

Introducing eZoptimizer

First-of-its-kind data-driven AI-based Platform - Enabling Brands to Optimize Listings on Walmart to Increase Sales


eZoptimizer should its AI capabilities scans and analyzes your entire Walmart product catalog. Then it identifies all the issues relating to content, inventory, and advertising effectively by providing information about your brand’s quality score, conversion rate, income, and other metrics to assist you in holistically managing your listings.


After you've identified the key problems, you'll be able to work on them with no technical skills. Based on the recommendations, you create, change, and publish enhanced brand content for Walmart that is more relevant to your customers and drives more traffic.


Tracking is next-level with eZoptimizer. Monitor all of your product listings with the help of dashboards and scheduled weekly reports. With this information at your fingertips, you can get an insight into any problems that may need to be addressed to propel your product forward.


8+ Years of Walmart Partnership


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Zdia helps us uncover content problems and quickly optimize it for shopper experience and Search Engines. This is hard to do with our large assortment of products.


Cody Leovic
Site Analytics & Digital Marketing Lead

The team at eZdia are great to work with and are a true partner for us. Their focus is on what matters most to me, driving more revenue. Proving the Return on Content Spend of our program has enabled us to continue scaling content for our site as we grow.


Andy Conway
E-Commerce Marketing Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the eZdia team in managing my Walmart account. I am impressed with their quick turnaround time, always delivering on time. They were able to update my listings in less than a week. Additionally, I appreciated their expertise in providing expert guidance to optimize my listings according to Walmart’s algorithms. I know this will lead to increased sales performance. Their customer service response is quick and responsive. Highly recommend.


Gerti Morell
Director of Marketing
Plymouth Healthcare Products LLC